OTP Review

Signing offers to purchase (OTP) you don't understand?

From R300, protect yourself with a review of the OTP includes:

Review of select clauses - Identification of unusual terms - Quick and reliable feedback - Proposal of effective solutions


Price (Exludes VAT)


  • 1x OTP for residential property
  • Included clauses:
    • Suspensive conditions in respect of loans
    • Condition of property
    • Payment of purchase price
  • Excluded clauses: We will not be checking details such as those of the seller, purchaser and property description.
  • Clients to read agreement and select up to 3 other clauses for review
  • Feedback to client via WhatsApp voice note or short message

Once-off x 1 OTP @ R500.00




Subscription x 1 OTP p/m @ R300.00 p/m (6-month contract)


  • Everything provided in Beginner except instead of 1x OTP you get 5x OTPs for residential properties

Subscription x 5 OTPs p/m @ R750.00 p/m (6-month contract)


  • Bespoke solutions for any amount of OTPs, consultations, weekly meetings, contract management, etc.

To be quoted


Each extra clause reviewed


Each extra clause amended or drafted


Telephonic consultation to discuss feedback*

*An hourly fee of R120.00 (excl VAT) is payable in advance

R300.00 per 15 minutes

Your expectations are important to us. A such, we want to be open and transparrent about the following:

  • This is intended as a quick support service only. Because the costs have been reduced, so will the time that we can spend on the review.
  • This product is perfectly suited for purchasers where BSA Law is not attending to the transfer of the property.
  • As such, we do need the client to:
    • read the OTP first; and
    • clearly identify the problem
  • Once reviewed, we will make a recommendation only. Unless instructed to intervene, we will not be able to engage further on the recommendation.
  • Although we offer this service free of charge if appointed as conveyancing attorneys, because this is not always possible, we must charge this nominal fee.
  • Should we attend to the transfer we will credit the costs associated with the review towards the transfer costs.
  • Although we do try to get back to you quickly, this service is not intended as an emergency/urgent service, and we cannot guarantee delivery within 48 business hours. For such urgent service, you may approach our office directly and an attorney will be assigned to you at their usual rate.
  • We hope that you understand.

What do we require from you?

  • Copy of the complete OTP
  • Your contact details
  • Whether you are the purchaser or the seller