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Wealth Preservation - Tax Planning

  • One of the primary foundations of wealth preservation is the efficient and strategic handling of tax affairs.
  • Short-term tax savings arising from efficient structuring can assist property investors with some much-needed cash flow.
    • A practical example includes those benefits derived from income flowing through a trust or the utilization of Government incentives by way of tax allowances, the most popular of these being the Section 13sex and UDZ building allowances.
  • Long-term tax planning is one of the primary elements of proper estate planning. The tax liability (estate duty, capital gains, etc.) and costs (executor’s fees, transfer costs, etc.) associated with one passing away can be substantial if not dealt with properly. To compound this, if there is no money in the estate to pay these liabilities the assets in your estate will be sold to cover these, potentially in distressed circumstances.
    • In practice, there exist many examples of estates having to up to 50% of its value in tax and costs resulting in the sale of assets. Simply as a result of insurance and better planning, be it through trusts, retirement investments or endowments, the tax and costs could have been reduced drastically.

Wealth Preservation - Asset Protection

  • Ensure that your property wealth is safeguarded and preserved for the generation to come.
  • Manage your risk by isolating your business ventures from each other thereby limiting exposure to creditors.
  • Put your wealth to the use for which it was intended by planning for the well-being of your family not only after your passing but also during your lifetime.
  • Prevent the family instability that comes with your passing by managing family relationships by way of a sound financial plan.
  • A Legacy means different things for different people. What is yours and how are you taking care of it?
  • Protect your wealth from falling into the wrong hands by housing your investments in suitable investment vehicles and having a well-thought out Last Will and Testament.

Financing Optimization

  • Housing your investments in the appropriate vehicles can assist in leveraging your personal affordability.
  • Although your personal affordability will be assessed when financing through a company or a trust, the debt lies in the name of that company or trust and will not adversely affect your affordability.
  • A consistent track record of investments in a company may lead to a company being assessed independently of its directors and shareholders, on some occasions, without the need for personal suretyship.
  • Both trusts and companies, if structured correctly, can be excluded from the ambit of the National Credit Act thus making it easier to access financing.
  • Through our specialized consultants, strategic partners and other alliances and networks, we assist clients in financing investments in property across South Africa.
  • Partners: Ooba Homeloans and at threesixty finance

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